Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good Things Utah

Today was our big day on Good Things Utah. Though, I didn't know how it was going to turn out. First our little man woke up at about 2 AM with a cough attack. He kicked me out of bed and seriously coughed all night. I didn't want to send him to preschool, so we decided we would have to take him with us to the show. Luckily my brother and SIL and two of my closest friends were there in the audience to help with him.
Brooks and I were able to cook the chicken wings he came up with, with Marti in the kitchen. Talk about nervous...I could barely speak. Luckily Brooks is such a good talker that he did a great job. Unfortunately the stove would not heat up, so we were not able to demonstrate actually cooking the wings. Darn. Hope they get that fixed!
The fun part was, a couple of my favorite guests were there today.
I have been part of a scrapbook membership for awhile now through A Page 4 All Seasons, and back in the All My Memories days I took classes from Shyloh. She has the best page kits. You should check them out.
Then, my favorite science/kid friendly site blog author, Lisa was there. Her site "Smmart Ideas" is full of ideas to do with your kids.
And while I am mentioning awesome blogs...check out Freebies2Deals. My good friend Melea has an awesome website that is full of money saving ideas. You will just love her.
We hope to be able to go back soon.


Tiffany said...

I watched you guys this morning and you BOTH did GREAT!! :) I cant wait to give this recipe a try!!

Bailey Family said...

Lindsay, this is Lindsay that works with your mom at South Valley! She told me you were going to be on today so i had to make sure that I watched! You and your husband did a great job! I LOVE this cooking blog of yours, what an amazing, creative couple you two are. I hope you don't mind me trying out some of them, I am always in need of something new to cook for dinner. I will be checking back soon to see what other fun stuff you guys create!

Jessica said...

Awesome!! Would you be interested in doing a guest post over at Or so she says? You'd be great! Also, would you be interested in doing a giveaway with your etsy shop in March first? Let me know!


The Lind's said...

Just watched you on Good things website...you guys did GREAT!! I saw that A Page 4 all seasons was going to be there too and thought how fun for you to be on the same day!! Your wings look yummy!

Valerie said...

How exciting for you guys! Congrats. I'll have to go check out the video online. And since your little guy was sick, he got to be in the picture. Precious!! I've got to check out all those links now.