Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Christine's Gourmet Toffee

I am a huge lover of toffee...and caramel. them.
Caramel especially.
When my little package was delivered from Christine's Gourmet Toffee...I was so excited. I don't know about you all, but by the time the clock hits 2 or 3, I have hit a wall. I need a little pick me up. My package came right on time. I tore open my package of Sea Salt caramels, (don't judge) but I ate the whole little package while waiting to pick up carpool. Yep, it was that good. The sea salt with the caramel was the perfect combination. I was a little disappointed that I didn't have more than one package in the little box! Luckily I can purchase my own for only $2.50 for a package.

Coming in as a close second fav were the Chocolate Toffee Bites. Now these ones I didn't sit an eat the whole package. I nibbled on these for a few days. But I love that they were in little bite size pieces.
Christine's Chocolate Toffee Bites
I loved ALL of the toffee that I was sent from Christine's. My only request would be that they come in smaller little pieces. Yes I know I can break them off, but maybe have them come in little bite size pieces. That way it is easier for the consumer!
Christine's Toffee Mini Assortment
You can purchase your own products online...and have them shipped right to your house. They taste so fresh. There are different sampler packs, or fill free to create your own. But be sure to check out Christine's Toffee. You will be glad you did!


anniebakes said...

I'm so glad you got to try these, the sea salt caramels were my favorite as well!! anne