Friday, May 11, 2012

Grad "U" ation!

I am taking a moment to brag about my awesome husband! He just graduated last week from the University of Utah. We are so proud of him!! He has been going to school since we have been we are excited to have him home!

We had a little get together with some friends and I made a few little graduation treats. So whether you have a college graduate, high school, or even Kindergarten...these are fun little treats! The best part, is the kids have fun making these. Just have them unwrap the candy...and you assemble!

Skewers/sucker sticks/whatever you have on hand
Peanut Butter cups
Ghiradelli chocolate
M&M's (or any other candy)

Layer with peanut butter cup, then chocolate square. Each with go perfectly through the skewer. Then use a little frosting on the M&M and licorice. Let set before serving.

Ding Dongs
Chocolate Graham Crackers
Chocolate frosting

Spread a layer of frosting on the ding dong. Top with a graham cracker. Then use a little more frosting and top with a little piece of licorice (or any type of candy).


anniebakes said...

CONGRATS!! What a great accomplishment and with 4 little ones as well, good job! anne

theorangebutton said...

So cute! Wish those colors were a little more blue and white though... Go Cougs!! lol

Gourmified said...

Okay, really truly, seriously the CUTEST! I LOVE the fam photo so much!!!!!!