Friday, September 28, 2018

Misconceptions About E-Sports: Real Sport or Just Toys for Kids?

Today, e-sports is firmly established and is developing every year thanks to many large companies that sponsor high-level tournaments and organizations that have professional teams. It is possible even to assume that in the near future e-sports will be legalized as a sport in all countries of the world and everyone will have an opportunity to earn on CSGObettingz. However, there are still people who think that e-sports can't be considered a real kind of sports. Check which e-sports misconceptions exist today.

Most Common Misconceptions about E-Sports

Pay attention to the opinions of people not related to e-sports. Most people will immediately lead one and the main (in their opinion) example. Sport is an active activity requiring physical improvement, application of incredible physical efforts. Of course, whatever examples you'll give, the majority will consider their opinion the only right one and will not change it.

However, let's look at such kind of sport, like chess. After all, no one will deny that this is a world sport. Does it require any physical activity? The answer is unequivocal - no. Moreover, chess require some of the same skills that are needed, let's say, to players in Starcraft 2.

Another common opinion - "These are just children's toys, none of the adults will spend a lot of time on computer games." And for the destruction of this myth, let's check statistics. The average age of players is 27 years old. It is worth thinking about: 27 years old, is this the same child who spends time playing toys? No! Usually such people have higher education (and some have even more than one degree), go to work, live with their families.

But, despite this, almost every day they spend at least a few hours playing their favorite game, and there are those who want to play or play on a professional level! This argument should destroy this misconception in the bud.

One more misconception concerns the future of e-sports. "Cybersport has no future." To say this means to make a great mistake. If the organizers continue to hold expensive and prestigious tournaments, they will attract the attention of high-level players and organizations, which will increase the popularity of e-sports as a sport. The International on Dota 2 is the best evidence that e-sports is going to develop and will become even more powerful with time.