Friday, September 28, 2018

3 Key Rules of Hearthstone on How to Make the Best Decisions and Win

Want to succeed in playing the popular game Hearthstone? Here are the useful tips which will help you to make right decisions. This skill will be of great use to you especially if you are going to bet on Hearthstone at

So, check the rules and follow them.

  • Rule one. Before you start manipulating the cards, fully analyze the situation in the match and fully consider the move. When you see the notorious overall picture, you can redraw it in your own way - as far as maps allow. To make something beautiful, use all possible moves (even stupid ones) and choose the best one.

    Can't wait to play the Antonidas card? Legendary cards are usually terrible as you want to play, but this desire also needs to be passed through common sense. Has a patient killer lurked in the enemy field? Then let the archmage card lie down in your hand, while you play the sorcerer’s student and ruin the dwarf with a magic explosion. Or invoke irritant and counterclaim. Or still take the risk (although it is better not to risk it without extreme need) and release Antonidas on the field, followed by magic arrows. In short, cover as many options as possible - and do not be embarrassed if you have the best mana at best. But perhaps, you will take advantage of the field, restrict your opponent in the choice of means, and then you will be able to use saved cards more effectively. This is sometimes more important.

  • Rule two. Think over all possible moves and select the best one. Strive to extract the maximum benefit from the cards, which can be achieved with the same analysis of the current game situation. Consider an example. Your rival played the cards of an experienced hunter and soldier of Goldshire, and you have a battle and a sailor of the South Seas in your hand. If you read (newcomers reading cards inattentively make mistakes surprisingly often; do not be lazy and delve in with due diligence) into the text of a sailor's card, it becomes clear: he gets a jerk not if you already have a weapon, but while it is equipped. This means that a pirate can be played first without fear and only afterwards can be armed with a cage, making the effects of both cards work.
  • Rule three. Try to use any card with maximum efficiency. Do not be ashamed of non-optimal moves. But it also happens that the best way to apply a card is to make it bad. It is bad from perfectionist considerations, but good in terms of the specific situation.

Be guided by the above rules when playing and success is guaranteed.