Monday, July 15, 2019

Door Lock Classifications

To understand what the locking devices for doors are, it is necessary to consider each kind of locks in the framework of a specific classification. To make it clearer what types of door locks exist, let's outline some of them. Depending on the features of installation in the door leaf, there are locks: overhead, mortise, padlocks. Overhead locks are mounted on the door surface, mortise locks are built into the inside of the door leaf, and padlocks are placed outside. Not all of them can be installed without the professional Sheffield locksmith service, which can help to deal with any type of the door lock.

Basic Types of Locks


According to the type of basic design, the locks are divided into:

·       mechanical,

·       electromechanical,

·       electromagnetic,

·       magnetic.


Mechanical locks, based on the name, function thanks to the principles of mechanics, do not have wires, electronic control units and other things. Electromechanical and electromagnetic locks are powered by a power source and can open automatically. And magnetic locks work thanks to interlocking permanent magnets that hold the door leaf.


By the number of locking elements, the locks are divided into: single-locking and multi-locking. Classic single-locks have one or a group of crossbars located nearby. And multi-locking ones have several bolts that hold the door leaf in different places (for example, at the top in the middle and at the bottom). 


The Classification of Door Locks


Learn more about the types of locks to choose the best one.


·       Depending on the design of the mechanical secret, the locks are divided into: level, cylinder, rack, screw and others.

·       Depending on the types of door leafs into which locking devices are mounted, locks are divided into: installed in interior doors and installed on entrance doors.

·       Depending on the material of which the door leaf consists, the locks are intended: for wooden, for metal, for plastic and other doors. Moreover, a lot of so-called highly specialized locks are made, suitable only for doors made, for example, of plastic.

Lever Door Locking Devices


When examining the types of door locks, one cannot help but recall the mechanical locking devices that are so common in everyday life, which are popularly called level locks. They are called so because of the design of the secret mechanism, which consists of a stack of metal plates having slots of various shapes in the middle. Lever locks are unpretentious, they can be operated both in extreme heat and in severe frost, in addition, they are resistant to breaking.