Monday, July 15, 2019

Sports Betting Strategies

In order to successfully play with the bookmakers, while remaining in the win, you need not only to use the forecasts for the sport from the professionals, but also to know the strategies of the bookmaker bets. Chaotic, unsystematic game, which often sin novices, can bring short-term profits, but in the end it turns into losses. Even competent players have separate losing bets - not uncommon. In order not to stay in the red, you need to use the system, or the method that allows you to cover the losses. This is the betting strategy you can use betting at thebossbet.

There are a variety of betting strategies in bookmaker offices: some are quite versatile, others are suitable for individual sports or for specific types of bets. Many minimal-risk sports betting strategies are based on systems developed by casino frequents. Appear and completely new systems. The best sports betting strategies with detailed descriptions are collected in this section of our site.

The Best Strategies You Need to Stick To

For the success of sports betting, you need to use strategies that are profitable and reliable. With all the diversity they can be divided into 2 large groups:

  • financial strategies based on monetary management principles;
  • gaming strategies of sports betting, depending on sports layouts.

Financial management strategies:

These are proven betting strategies based on bank management. Before the start of the game, the bettor determines the amount that the gambling bank can dispose of. A winning betting strategy in a bookmaker’s office presupposes, first of all, the avoidance of bankruptcy. So, the amount of bets must be determined in such a way as not to exhaust the entire bank. This category includes:

  • Danish system;
  • percentage of the original bank;
  • Kelly criterion - a percentage of the current bank;
  • Flat - fixed total amount of the bet;
  • fixed profit;
  • a series of numbers is a profitable betting strategy for the long term if the bank is large enough.

Game strategies:

Betting strategies that are advantageous for some sports, for others, may be meaningless, for example:

  • The three-point shooter strategy applies exclusively to basketball;
  • Dutch strategy - for Formula 1;
  • games against the favorite - for those sports where transfers are made.

There are also universal working strategies for sports betting:

  • for bets on total more-less;
  • for even-odd bets in basketball, volleyball (the Dogon strategy is usually used);
  • long term betting strategy for tournaments.

Follow the tips above and you'll succeed.