Friday, September 28, 2018

Tennis Betting: 4 Best Strategies

In the betting environment, tennis is the kind of sport for which a lot of development scenarios are constantly given. And the events themselves are many, because the player rating directly depends on the number of matches held. And due to the fact that it is an individual sport, it seems that the results of a sports competition are easy to predict. But, of course, this is far from the case, because every tennis player cannot play at the same level all the time. How to make a bet in tennis and not lose money at  Learn about effective strategies.

Double Rate Application

This strategic move is considered almost a win-win, which explains its popularity. Its essence is to bet on both players simultaneously. If at least one bet passes, then the income will be zero, but there will be no loss, and if both - profit will be made. In a situation of approximately equal chances of winning, bookmakers establish the same odds for each player to win.

Handicap Strategy (zero handicap)

Games on a zero handicap are also allowed. But to win it, you need the winning tennis player to have an advantage in one game. With the same number of games won, the bet will be refunded. The main thing before the bet is to study the strengths of tennis players. With a low cache, the selected athlete can be bet on a negative head start when the tennis player wins by a specific margin. Such a bet is justified when one player is much stronger than the other.

Negative Handicap Strategy

A handicap may also appear as a negative handicap. This is manifested in the case of a low coefficient on your henchman, for example, 1.3, when you won’t get a big profit from his victory. And then the minus handicap is the only opportunity to win for you. To win, your athlete must have a minimum gap of at least four. To rely on such a bet is a serious advantage for tennis player over an opponent.

Breaks Betting

Tennis betters quite often bet on the winner in a particular game of the match. These are the so-called Life-rates. The odds of winning the host are often very attractive and range from 3 to 4. Success with this strategy awaits only those who are able to predict the course of the game in real mode. Such a bet is usually applied only in tennis. If you are guaranteed to know that the serving tennis player has a poor serve, and his opponent is, on the contrary, an excellent reception and plays better, then this bet is for you.

The psychological nuance of the strategy refers to a situation where the server begins to fail in the match, and everything goes to lose in the set or match. Few are able to cope with this apprehension of defeat, and just such moments become prey for break hunters.

This strategy, like no other, is based on the usual human weaknesses of players who track betters. For example, in the period after a long series of victories, a tennis player involuntarily relaxes or just gets tired, and this will inevitably affect his mood or physical form.